Custom Gallery

Custom and one-off projects for home and commercial spaces. A custom order begins with a discussion about functional and aesthetic priorities. The customer may provide images of types of qualities they would like to incorporate into their piece. Often, an on-site mock-up helps with proportions. Drawings and models are produced, followed by edits until the design feels right.

Ash side table

Wall cabinet

Studio89 custom furniture design Walnut arm chair

Walnut chair

Studio89 Furniture design Spalted ash coffee table

Spalted ash coffee table

Studio89 Custom Furniture Live edge sugar maple coffee table

Live edge sugar maple coffee table

Kitchen cupboard

Small maple side table

Live-edge Candlestick Holders

Live-edge Ash Side Table

Maine Maple Slab Coffee Table

Live-edge Headboard

Live-Edge Walnut Coffee Table

Oak Bathroom Vanity

Oak Bathroom Vanity

Spice cabinet

Bookmatched Ash Slab Dining Table

Optician’s credenza

Studio89 Custom Furniture Design Live edge entry bench 5

Entry bench

Scandinavian chair

Granite top coffee table

Split top maple coffee table

Live-Edge Cherry Bench

Studio89 Custom Furniture Design Fish Print bench

Fish bench

Twin Cherry Side Tables