About STUDIO89

Established in 2017, STUDIO89 is the creation of husband-and-wife team Nondas Iacovou and Melissa Fuller.  From their workshop in Scarborough, Maine, they design and make modern furnishings for home and commercial spaces.

The goal of STUDIO89 is to create objects that allow us to live better with fewer things.  Objects that enrich the daily experience through their usefulness, beauty and long life feel authentic and relevant.  Spaces furnished with carefully chosen items may feel like a sanctuary, promote a sense of well-being, and allow us to recharge.  

Nondas Iacovou scribes a piece of wood

Considering the environment:  

Local natural materials are utilized whenever possible.  Traditional methods of craftsmanship enhance both the form and function of each original design.  Hand-applied natural finishes limit negative environmental impact and allow fuller enjoyment of the visual and tactile qualities of the natural materials used in the pieces.

Melissa Fuller and Nondas Iacovou smile in their workshop

Supporting local economy:

STUDIO89 sources the majority of materials from local sawyers, lumberyards, stone workshops and fabric stores.  In addition to creating a stronger community, this practice helps reduce the environmental footprint produced by transporting goods from far away. 

A woman sews bright red cloth and exotic patterns together